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Here's how we increase our client's conversions

We will be with you each step of the process.


We first find what's missing in your social media pages


We will create a plan accordingly with our data during the analyzation stage


Start your marketing campaign right.

5 Reason why you should choose Damiko

There are lot of Social Media Marketer start-ups out there. What stands out to us is we value what we are going to provide for your business. We have an associate business that produce high quality production videos that most start-ups can’t provide. With that we can guarantee our production quality. On the Marketing Side we can create an elaborate marketing strategy in social media design specifically for your business and target market. We understand you are bringing value to the market and we want to help you spread your value through social media marketing

We highly value trust on our business transactions and very careful with it.

We don’t want to waste other people’s time and we don’t want to waste our time as well. For us time is a valuable asset that can be use to make profit. And when you choose us we can make sure that your time is not wasted.

We are not like the other social media agency out there that just agree with the client. We are the type of people that are direct to speak with. If our data show that some of your business aspects are the reason why your marketing is failing, we will not hesitate to tell you so because we have only one mission in mind for your business and that is to make you more money.

Running a marketing campaign can be costly, we have experience it ourselves while marketing our service. The marketing budget that you will give us won’t be wasted and every dime will be put into good use.